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The finishing touches: trims & accessories

The finishing touches: trims & accessories

There’s nothing like installing curtains in a room give it that feeling of being really well dressed. If that’s the case, the curtain accessories bring with them that great finishing touch; like a well-chosen necklace or hat that completes an outfit.

This wasn’t always the case. There was a time when much of homeowners’ focus was on blinds; the minimalist look held sway and curtains took a back seat. Even if drapes were used, they were often kept basic and unadorned in line with existing trends. But talk to any interior decorator or retailer these days, and it’s clear that trends are moving in a new direction. Evidence is growing in favour of a more opulent look, creating great opportunities for daring consumers to include not only drapes, but a wide range of accompanying trimmings and accessories, in their home décor scheme. Experts confirm that recent years have seen a niche move towards luxury and exoticism in interior design, resulting in corresponding interest in decorative curtain rods, curtain tiebacks and exotic curtain rings.

The finishing touches: trims & accessories

Tie-backs are one of the strongest sellers being purchased along with readymade curtains online, and are available in many and varied styles, colours, and textures. Aside from the fact that they provide ready made curtains with a great visual ‘finish’, they also offer great practicality in terms of holding drapes open. Other products such as tassel fringing and bullion fringing for curtains and cords are growing in popularity; tassel and bullion fringes give an opulent finish to the leading edge of drapes and look great on swags and tails; those luscious looking swathes of material that are draped across the top of the window and hang down on either side respectively.

However, while they’re often thought of as being key to the creation of a ‘heritage’ look, the use of trimmings is not confined to traditional or classical interiors. Contemporary tiebacks are also popular, with on trend colours including red, black or grey as well as natural earthy tones and linen textures. Unusual materials such as beads and feathers are also being used on trimmings in more contemporary settings, while decorative curtain rods in steel or copper, as well as exotic elements such as crystal finials, are experiencing strong demand.

Popular colours and colour combinations for curtain trimmings move in line with fabric trends and include charcoal with silver, grey and oyster, chocolate and beige, eggshell blue and cream, as well as a resurgence of interest in previously overlooked colours such as navy, influenced by current fashion tastes. Interest in natural, linen looks is also an ongoing trend, meaning curtain accessories with timber, hemp and other natural elements are also popular.

Curtain accessories are a great way to complete the look of your window treatment, and of course if they’re coordinated with other accessories in the room, they create a complete look for your whole interior. So cushions, table runners and similar items are typically sold alongside trimmings, enabling homeowners to create a fully integrated décor scheme, complete with all the trimmings!

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