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How to get value out of your readymade curtains

Time was when if you wanted a pair of curtains, you had them made up by a specialist maker, or, if you had the skill and equipment, as many people did once upon a time, you made them yourself.

A lot of homeowners still like to get their drapes custom made to ensure the hang and quality are right, particularly given that the current trend for hanging curtains high and wide means larger amounts of fabric are often required, however readymade curtains are certainly experiencing strong demand. A relatively new concept in the long history of curtains, ready mades have experienced particularly strong demand in recent years.

One of the reasons for this is convenience. In busy households where both adults are usually working, the ability to purchase curtains that are ready to hang within minutes is very attractive. The other reason is of course cost. Due to the rise of e-commerce, curtains suppliers are now able to keep their overheads relatively low. Many of them also get their products made overseas which also helps reduce costs. The result is that the savings are passed on to consumers.

Readymade Curtains

And certainly those consumers are reaping the benefits of readymade curtains in growing numbers. Because of the low cost of supplying readymade curtains, suppliers are consequently able to have very large ranges of on offer, usually in a broad spectrum of colours, fabrics and styles. Ready made curtains can be offered to meet a number of needs; for example blockout curtains to protect a home from summer heat and glare as well as providing privacy during the day.

So how much should an average pair of readymades cost? They can start at prices as low as $40, ranging up to around $200, with price depending on the quality of the fabric used, whether or not the curtains are lined, as well as the workmanship involved. For example a pair of blockout contemporary jacquard pinch pleat curtains might come in at around $150, depending on the width and drop.

Whatever you end up spending on your ready made curtains, it’s worth taking care of them to optimise their function and durability. Getting the most value out of your curtains means treating them well. Avoid handling them with dirty hands, as this will soil the fabric. Keep your readymade curtains along with other window coverings such as roller or roman blinds dust-free by regular gentle vacuuming. For most blockout curtains it’s advisable to cold or warm hand wash with wool approved detergent. Do not soak or bleach or wring out, rub or tumble dry. Generally for sheer curtains a warm hand wash is best and avoid bleaching or soaking as well as wringing out or rubbing your curtains. Avoid dry cleaning wherever possible.

Some readymade curtains designed for convenience and are therefore washable, but be sure to refer to the ‘care label’ fixed to the rear of your curtains before taking the plunge.

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