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What’s selling in curtains

What’s selling in curtains?

Everyone seems to be watching The Block, checking Pinterest or scoping out Houzz.com these days and as a result, it seems renewed interest in interior décor is burgeoning. As part of this, the revival of curtains as a window treatment continues apace. With so many different influencers out there, trends are hard to pin down however, so if you’re confused by all this choice, here’s an anecdotal run-down of “what’s hot and what’s not” in curtain retail at the moment.

  • Sheer curtains double hung with linings continue to be one of the strongest trends around. These strong sellers are often hung with a blockout lining, sometimes coloured, at the back. Another option is to pair them with a blockout roller blind or similar blind treatment.
  • Natural linen looks are also on the rise. The swing towards linens is great for creating earthy, unfussy curtains that work well with a surprising range of décor styles, from classic through to modern industrial. A newer trend within demand for linen is that customers are showing growing interest in ‘linen with a twist’; in other words something with subtle, added embellishment. For example they might go for a subtle stripe or pattern in the linen or possibly a ‘luxe’ style that looks a bit like a cross between linen and shantung silk. A tip for customers interested in linen style fabric is that linen or linen look drapes really do need to be lined, as they tend to be prone to fading.
  • Vibrant prints continue to entice customers bold enough to go there, with anything from honeycomb geometrics to tropical florals making the cut. At the top end of the market, collaborations such as that between Designers Guild and luxury brand Christian Lacroix (pictured below) have resulted in a real wow factor that has influenced the whole curtain market.

What’s selling in curtains

  • In terms of the hang, the S-fold or S-wave is currently attracting a lot of interest; it’s soft and informal but also hangs well when drawn as well as stacking back nicely when open.
  • Motorisation is one of the biggest growth areas in curtains, not just because it provides ease of operation, but because of the new trend fora clean look, which is taking emphasis away from traditional decorative rods. Instead homeowners are opting for a ceiling mounted installation with a ripple fold hang. This looks clean and elegant and enlarges the appearance of their windows and curtains.
  • Insulation is in demand. One of the reasons for the growing obsession with drapes is that they are great insulators from both heat and cold. Demand for pelmets is also on the rise as a result, due to their insulation properties and partly for their visual effect. Evidence suggests homeowners are spending more and seeing curtains as a real investment. They’re looking for curtains with the appearance of high quality and durability. Drapes, whether readymade curtains or custom made ones are a great way of causing a visual stir when you walk into a room; they also provide a unique cosy feeling in winter and welcome cool darkness in summer.

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