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roller blind with curtaain online

The other stuff you’ll also need to buy when buying curtains online

As with any new project, it’s a good idea to plan the detail if you’re creating a new window treatment. For readers who are more ‘big picture’ oriented, this may prove a challenge, but if you want to save yourself time and money, it will certainly pay off in the long run. So, if you’re buying curtains onlinehere are some of the things you may well need to purchase at the same time:


The fashion for pairing blinds with curtains continues apace, particularly as sheers are making such an impact in style circles at the moment. There are of course practical reasons for this too, such as the great potential for blocking out solar glare offered by the humble blind. So, while we’re talking about buying curtains online, let’s talk about blinds! Firstly, decide on the type of blind you want for the space. For example roller blinds pair well with curtains and provide a solid block of colour to work with. It’s important you pay attention to the colour and fabric selections, and how these work together in the room. If bright colours aren’t your thing, white or light creams for the curtains create a crisp look that works well with a variety of blind styles. If you’re going for prints, pairing curtains and blinds together looks best when a solid colour is chosen for one and a print is chosen for the other. Combining prints on both the curtains and blinds can look overdone.

Pelmet curtain online


Looking at the wide array of visual resources for decor and ready made curtains online, it’s impossible not to feel inspired. You can use room accessories such as cushions, table runners and throws to offset your window treatment and many retailers already supply these items ready made, ensuring that you can kick-start your décor scheme with ease. In terms of the window treatment itself, tiebacks or wall-mounted metal hold-backs can add impact and create a polished look. Pelmets, once thought to be out of fashion, are another great ‘accessory’ that’s making waves again. In modern settings, because they are actually built into the architecture of a room, recessed pelmets hide the curtain tracks and operating components in the ceiling space to achieve a really sleek finish. Accessorising with pelmets also provides better insulation.

Motorisation and hardware

If you’re in the market to buy curtains online, it’s definitely worth considering motorisation. While it may not be for everyone, particularly if you’re on a budget or you’re deliberately aiming for a more low maintenance, cottagey look, motorised curtains are now commonly used in high end homes and are great for today’s wider windows. Motorising your curtains is now relatively cost effective and can also help prolong their life. Even if you’re not opting for motorisation you’ll need to work out what kind of track to buy. Among the most popular at the moment is the S-Fold track, which requires comparatively less fabric than other forms while creating a relaxed but modern look. Many suppliers will powder-coat tracks to any colour supplied, which gives the homeowner much more flexibility when trying to match colour schemes.

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