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The energy saving benefits of blockout curtains

For homeowners buying readymade curtains online the options available are seemingly infinite and narrowing them down may simply be a case of style and price. If you’re looking for the cheapest curtains online you may want to opt for drapes that fit the bill in the most basic sense; in other words, they go with your décor and are well priced.

However Australia’s harsh climatic extremes are one good reason to consider more specialised options such as blockout curtains, also known as blackout curtains. Even if you don’t go for blockout curtains throughout the property, some rooms, such as bedrooms or those particularly exposed to solar glare, could certainly benefit from them.

Blockout curtains are a great way of keeping light and heat out during the summer. In addition, they can trap heat during the winter, reducing heat loss by as much as 25 per cent. Naturally this works wonders for keeping your energy bills in check and reducing your environmental footprint.

Premium quality blackout curtains can be expensive, and might cost you in excess of $200. If you know your way around a sewing machine it is possible to adapt your current curtains with the addition of blackout liners, however the abundance of readymade curtains online in blackout versions means you may end up finding it’s more cost effective to simply buy them new. There are plenty of more affordable options available, with some of the cheapest curtains online offered in blackout options.

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In terms of how to hang blockout curtains, most are hung like regular curtains, however there are a few tips to bear in mind to ensure you get the best out of them. The fabric at the top of the curtain needs to be placed properly so that it blocks the light effectively. Be generous with your measurements; curtains must extend beyond the window frame to block incoming light at the top, bottom, sides, and where panels meet. A safe guideline is to purchase curtains two to three times the width of the window itself. If your aim is total darkness, install floor-to-ceiling blackout curtains as much as 45 centimetres beyond the edges of the window to block out the maximum light possible.It’s also possible to make the most of useful devices that will help bring out the best in your blockout curtains, such as wraparound curtain rods that curve to ensure the curtains’ outside edges sit flush against the wall.

Correctly installed blockout curtains mean you’ll be able to enjoy total darkness at any time of day. Their energy-saving benefits are self-evident, but there are other benefits too, such as noise reduction and the protection of the soft furnishings inside your home from fading and other forms of sun damage.

If blackout curtains are doing their job properly, once you open them, you may well be shocked by the dramatic difference. You may well even find there’s too much light entering the room when the blockout curtains are open! If this is the case, sheer drapes or blinds beneath the main curtains will allow light to be softly filtered into your home during the day.

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