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Hello Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful customer service. We are thrilled to bits with the curtains which look amazing. Have recommended you to a friend of mine who will be in touch to order some curtains from you. We are delighted with the curtains, never thought buying and ordering curtains could be so easy and efficient. many thanks


Sydney, NSW

Readymade curtains – rods and tracking

Readymade curtains are a fantastic solution for many homeowners and there are now so many fabrics and print designs in ready made curtains available on the market that there’s usually a product to suit most needs and tastes. Offering the advantage of a lower cost, quick and easy solution, they’re increasingly in demand.

If you’re buying readymade curtains, you also need to think about the kind of curtain rods or tracking you will require and it’s probably advisable to think about this aspect of your purchase from the outset. Curtain rods are often used for a more casual and relaxed look and work well with contemporary or rustic look drapes such as eyelet curtains. Curtain rods can be made of many materials including timber, metal and plastic and they come in a spectrum of styles and designs. As well as straight poles, curved and hinged poles are also available for use in bay windows and on curved walls and corners.

Readymade curtains

Curtain tracking is often used on somewhat more formal curtains and can be applied to blackout, sheer curtains and more. If you’re trying to achieve a polished effect and a good hang, curtain tracking will enable to fine tune your look effectively.To get the best out of your ready made curtains, it’s crucial to ensure that the track is suitable for the weight of the curtains.PVC tracking tends to be inexpensive, flexible and works well with light and medium weight curtains. Aluminium is more expensive but stronger and more durable. It is also suitable for light and medium weight fabric and results in smoother drawing curtains.

For large, tall windows or a more formal effect, corded tracks are worth considering. They are threaded with nylon cord at the back linked to a system of gliders and pulleys. The curtains are opened and closed using a pull-cord, which is useful as it protects fabric from damage.

When purchasing your readymade curtains and rods or tracking, it’s worth being aware of some technical pointers, including how to deal with outside and inside recesses. With outside recesses, when measuring, allow a minimum of 15cm each side of the window to let in the maximum amount of daylight. For very full curtains allow even greater width. If you’re hanging your curtains inside a recess, the overall length of the track should be slightly shorter than the actual width of the recess. Standard size PVC or slim aluminium tracks can be cut to fit using a hacksaw.

In terms of cutting your tracks to length, PVC tracks are easy to cut with a hacksaw but when bending, work with care. Aluminium tracks are also easy to cut with a hacksaw and bent to shape, however you will need to work carefully since, once bent, an aluminium track will not spring back.

With a wide array of readymade curtains and rods and tracking available you’ll be able to find a relatively low cost solution for almost any window covering need. And if you do your homework before installing your drapes, you’ll be surprised by the great effect you can produce with a relatively small outlay.

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