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unique style curtains

Expressing your unique style through your ready made curtains

The technicalities of curtains are, as any reader of this blog will know by now, far more complex than the innocent eye might first perceive them to be and that’s as true for ready made curtains as it is for custom made drapes.

After all, who knew that in choosing readymade curtains, it could be possible to be confronted with such an overwhelming number of choices? A simple drape can encompass a wide range of options, from blockout curtains to sheers and everything in between.

From the perspective of the curtain hang, an equally impressive array is also available, and this is perhaps where personal expression comes to the fore. Aside from the fabric itself, the way you hang your curtains, along with the curtain tracking, or rod if applicable, are perhaps the most promising canvas for your creativity.

For example, apart from providing a budget option, eyelet curtains immediately confer contemporary style on any room in which they find themselves. The way in which the curtain rod is threaded through metal eyelets punched through the top of the curtain creates a clean modern look and is also useful where drawback space is limited as the curtain neatly concertinas together when opened.

A great and more unusual take on eyelet curtains are eyelet pinch curtains, in which the pinch creates a uniformly spaced drape with plenty of fullness, while maintaining the modern look of the eyelet hang. This is great for settings in which you’re looking for a contemporary look with a more structured finish.

unique style curtains

Meanwhile for more formal settings, a triple pinch pleat is a more traditional heading made up of three pleats grouped together, the style is best suited to long, floor-length curtains particularly as it encourages the curtains to hang in attractive, orderly folds. The pleat depth is typically around 10 centimetres, depending on the length of your curtains. This heading is suitable for hanging from poles or tracks.

Also able to hang from poles or tracks, the goblet pleat heading provides an impressive formal pleat that adds opulence to a room. Also great if you’re looking for a luxurious finish are the somewhat more unusual cartridge pleat curtains. These entail a goblet pleat heading that hasn’t been folded and stitched in at the base, meaning the cylinder runs seamlessly from the pleat into the main body of the curtains. Cartridge pleat curtains offer a more contemporary interpretation of the goblet pleat, which is good for long curtains made from rich, heavy fabric. It’s a type of heading that can take a big stack, and can be hung from poles or tracks.

Perhaps surprisingly, whether or not to use curtain linings is also a critical question in terms of expressing your own style. You may not even have considered lining your ready made curtains, however it’s worth bearing in mind that lined curtains present a much more pleasing visual appeal from the street as well as from the interior of your home. More importantly, a good lining will keep your curtain fabric from fading. Curtains exposed to the rigours of the Australian sun will soon start to look faded and worn.

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