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Buying curtains online: all about styling and fabrics

Consumers who buy curtains online have usually done a fair amount of research into the available options before making a purchase; not surprising when you consider that purchasing curtains online can be a leap of faith without the right information and backup.

A good start in making your choice of curtains is of course to define the style you’re after and your fabric preferences, as well as understanding some of the global trends that influence curtains online in Australia, so here are some key tips to guide your selection, and some ideas on how to make them pop.

A key to your online curtain choice will be understanding the ambience and style of the room. Is it formal or casual and cosy? Contemporary or classic? Do you want the curtains to disappear or make a bold statement? If the latter is your aim, one idea is to choose bright curtains that will work well with other colour highlights in your room. Conversely, if you want your drapes to blend with the overall colour scheme, choose curtains whose base colour is the same as the wall colour.

Length is also an important consideration in your online curtain purchase as it can influence the style of the room. Floor length curtains give a classic look. A potentially riskier investment, curtains that puddle on the floor are less practical in this respect and, a bit like a huge statement necklace on very petite lady, don’t work very well in rooms with smaller dimensions. When you can’t use long curtains but don’t want to leave the window bare, choose curtains that finish half a centimetre above the sill or fall about eight centimetres below it.

Another key question is whether to opt for curtains in a single colour or those with a repeat pattern. Full colour curtains are a safe investment if you’re planning to keep them a while; they are less likely to date and can be matched with lower cost accessories that will be easy to change up if needed. For plainer or gloomier rooms, patterned curtains are an instant visual hit, particularly if you choose a bright, eye-catching print. However it’s also useful to note that smaller or darker rooms can be overpowered by a large graphic pattern, in which case sheer curtain fabric might be used to provide lightness in two respects: lightness of touch and the ability to let light into a room. Another key look at the moment is for natural looking curtains, with the ongoing trend for neutrals receiving a boost through the introduction of textured linens in a variety of finishes.

chevron readymade curtains online

Other great contemporary looks include spots and chevrons and honeycomb prints, which create instant visual impact. Vertical stripes work very well in small rooms as they make a ceiling appear taller, while horizontal stripes give a playful feel. By contrast, botanical and floral prints remain strong and are a wonderful addition to a room with a classic, traditional character.

With a market offering a huge number of curtains online Australia now offers some of the most exciting styles and fabrics in curtains possible. So if you’re planning to buy curtains online, keep these guidelines in mind and the only limit is your imagination!

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