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Adventures in shopping for curtains online

Many operators in the window coverings sector are increasingly reporting that interest in drapery and curtains is on the rise again. Following a number of years in which the trend for more minimalist blinds was dominant meaning they were seen as a comparatively desirable product, the renaissance of sumptuous fabrics and vibrant prints has inspired homeowners with an eye for opulence to buy curtains again.

Daring geometric, botanical or stripe prints in delicious colour palettes are certainly inspiring new interest in curtains, but aside from their aesthetic merits, their functional pluses are increasingly seen as invaluable by homeowners with an eye for sustainability and energy savings. Correctly lined with the right kind of fabric, curtains can protect a home from solar glare in summer and the drops in temperature that occur in many of the cooler parts of Australia during winter. The result is less sun damage to a home’s interior and significantly lower energy bills.

Curtains online

And now, thanks to the rise of e-commerce, many homeowners are feeling increasingly encouraged to buy curtains online, with an ever growing raft of opportunities to make purchasing your curtains online as easy as possible, be they ready-made or custom made.

A word of advice though. If you’re looking to buy curtains online, it pays to ‘shop around’ in cyberspace to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. A reputable e-commerce operator will want to make your purchase as easy and pain-free as possible for you. This entails providing detailed information on what curtains are best for your home, how to measure your curtains correctly and tips for installing them.

For example, a good website should explain the difference between box pleat and pinch pleat curtains, as well as how to hook them onto your curtain tracking. Meanwhile, some products such as, for example, a cord drawn curtain track- suitable for pinch and pencil pleat curtains – are fairly complex to install and operate and need detailed instructions to ensure they function properly. Measuring for curtains rods might be another example of a tricky aspect of installation for first timers.A curtain rod set-up often includes decorations at each end, so it’s crucial to only measure the width of the useable part of the rod without including the decorative ends in your calculations.

Buying curtains online should take a lot of the pain out of bringing a visually pleasing style statement to your home, while also greatly enhancing your ability to regulate the temperature of your interiors. Just be sure that any online curtain retailer you deal with has a secure payment system, good instructions and customer advice and a reliable returns policy in the (hopefully unlikely) event that your purchase fails to meet your expectations.

Once you’ve done that, you can get to the fun part, sampling the wide range of print and plain curtain fabrics that are now available on the market, promising to bring a dash of colour and class to any interior.

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