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long drop curtains

Add luxury with long drop curtains

If you’re wondering about installing long drop curtains in your home, you’re not alone. These elegant drapes are currently making a serious comeback in both modern and heritage homes. It’s no surprise really; there’s something truly satisfying about hearing the swish of a long, opulent curtain over a polished timber floor. And if you scan the internet for ‘before and after’ shots, you’ll quickly see the magic a long drape can weave on the whole look of your property.

Long drop curtains are a great way to add a sense of luxury and drama to your interior décor scheme. They may not be for everyone; if you have a small apartment with low ceilings for example, you may find that your long drop curtains appear to be running the show. However, astutely applied, curtains with a 250 cm drop or more can add charm and impact to a wide variety of spaces. Of course, the word ‘astutely’ is worth remembering here. Long drop curtains do not work well in areas that may be prone to moisture or high foot traffic. They’re probably best suited to those less functional areas of the home where a softer more elegant feel is required; think bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas.

They’re ideal for covering French doors or longer windows, but can also be used to add height to a room over standard sized windows. The trick of hanging your curtain rod several centimetres above the window and allowing for a full length curtain to the floor or even beyond to create a puddling effect, will completely transform a commonplace interior into a truly extraordinary one.

long drop curtains

Many homeowners consider long drop curtains a major investment; a luxury; something that has to be made ‘bespoke’ for their specific requirements. However with the wide range of pre-made curtains on the market, finding ready made curtains with a 250 cm drop for example is now surprisingly easy. These curtains are available in an inspiring array of colours, finishes and textures and amazingly they won’t put too much of a dint in your wallet. If you know how to shop around, a really high quality set of drapes, sometimes even lined, could be yours for less than $100. Given the amount of fabric and workmanship required to create bespoke curtains, this is a truly value-for-money proposition.

To make the most of your ready-made long drop curtains you can choose from a wide variety of folds and hangs; for example a pinch pleat might work for a more formal look, while eyelets might create a more relaxed and casual ambience. You might also want to think about tracks and rods, be they hidden tracking systems or exposed decorative rods to co-ordinate with, say a timber floor. The rules for long drop curtains are fairly broad; white sheers can look stunning, but so too can darker, denser fabrics. One thing to bear in mind if you’re thinking about puddling your curtains however, is that really bulky fabrics may not work so well; something lighter, with a taffeta feel, may be just the ticket!.

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