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Sheer taste custom made curtains online

6 great inspirational ideas for your custom made curtains online

While you may well be saving money by buying custom made curtains online, there’s no need to assume that you need to skimp on creativity! Whether it’s an unusual location for a certain type of curtain treatment or a new way of thinking about a traditional hang, there are plenty of ways to add a surprise element to your curtains. Here are six of the best:

1. Sheer taste (see top image)

Who would have thought that sheer curtains could be a great way to style an upscale kitchen? Looking for custom made curtains online took us to the great houzz.com and a great example of how this treatment can really work when approached the right way. It’s a particularly successful look if you want to create an element of the unexpected by offsetting the more functional aspects of this area of the home, in other words cooking, cleaning and workaday eating, with a cosy yet elegant vibe. Light diffusing neutral coloured sheers looks great set against the earthy timber and polished hard surfaces of this contemporary fit out and work well with that other soft furnishing element, the seat set against the wall, perfect for guests or lazier members of the family to chat, sip and maybe taste an appetiser while watching the kitchen jockey toil! Clearly this approach only really works if your kitchen shouts ‘designer’. If you team sheers with that relic from the ‘80s that you’re yet to renovate, they may be more trouble than they’re worth. It’s also worth noting that they look particularly great over full length windows; positioning them over the kitchen sink may not be so easy on the eye.


2. From ready-mades to custom made curtains

From ready mades to custom made curtains online

A wise person once said that we don’t always get exactly what we want in life; the trick is to make the best of what we already have. If you’ve been searching for the ultimate custom made curtains online to co-ordinate with your existing décor scheme and haven’t found perfection, now may be the time to follow that wisdom by customising your ready made curtains. The clever treatment found on pinterest (see below) shows how, by adding accent fabric that co-ordinates with other elements of your interior, you’re can achieve a number of goals. Firstly you’re saving money by revamping existing curtains or readymades you’ve purchased online; secondly you’re turning a plain curtain into a print design statement and thirdly you’re creating floor to ceiling drapes that will create real impact and add visual height to your interiors.


3. In the zone

In the zone curtains online

If you live in a smaller house or apartment, or even a larger home with an open plan layout, the way you decorate different zones makes a real difference in creating a sense of flow while also subtly emphasising the different function and aesthetics of a given area. And of course, the right window treatment can create a visual focal point to underpin each zone. The example pictured shows perfectly how well this idea can work if executed effectively. A harder, more functional yet light diffusing blind treatment in a charcoal grey adorns the kitchen zone of this open plan set-up, while wave-fold curtains in a complementary charcoal grey and white pattern create a softer, more welcoming look for the dining zone. The cool of the charcoal grey is nicely offset by the timber fittings and the statement pendant lamp, which also echoes the geometric design of the drapes. Geometrics are big in custom made curtains online right now, so this look wouldn’t be too hard to reproduce.

4. Layering

Layering curtains online

If you’re purchasing custom curtains online there are great ways to dress them up that don’t need to cost the earth. For example, installing a valance or pelmet along with a blind and curtain combination is a great way to create depth and texture and a complete, professional finish for your décor scheme, as the treatment below, also on pinterest, shows. If you’re brave enough, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube on how to make your own DIY pelmet or valance. This more formal style of treatment would probably work best in larger rooms, although a smaller room such as a dining room or study where a sense of elegance and order is the desired look could probably also carry it effectively.


5. Neutrals with colour

Neutrals with colour curtains online

Let’s face it, while magazines abound with rich colour palettes, the reality is that when we get down to the nitty gritty, most homeowners want an overall scheme throughout their home that won’t date too quickly or be too overpowering, meaning neutrals usually get the upper hand. Some more confined rooms can then be used as ‘colour hotspots’, for example a study or work room in dusty Wedgewood that continues to pick up the neutral theme in certain elements, or of course, as in this example found on houzz.com, a girls room with a serious dose of PINK! Edging plain custom made curtains with a decorative element allows you to tie pops of colour in with a more neutral décor. Adding bedding and accessories, not to mention a sumptuous magenta ceiling, completes the colour theme while also allowing it to be neutralised over time once pink is no longer the occupant’s passion!


6. Branching out

Branching out curtains online

This radical approach to window treatments takes the idea of earthiness to new heights and is clearly not going to work in applications where a smooth drawing action is required! But how great an idea is it for say, a whimsical child’s bedroom or even a grown-up’s haven in a rustic country getaway? Here the choice of fabric is critical though – you’d need to consider having your custom made curtains put together in a lightweight sheer or possibly a neutral linen fabric. A minimal pattern like the polka dots on this version or floral sheer devoré will also work well if you’re looking for an element of ornamentation that still retains a lightness of touch. This look will work particularly well with timber flooring, rough-hewn, weathered wooden furniture and washed out accessories such as curtains and rugs.

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